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An opportunity to win one of the oldest, richest and most prestigious arts competitions in the world. The Prize has a £75,000 cash prize across the three categories.

When Francis Henry Newbery started the Arts Prize in 1875, the telephone had only just been invented. A year later, over 800 artists from around the world filled The Royal Albert Hall in London with over 3,500 works of art.

This is your chance to be part of one of the most prestigious international open competitions for art in the world, rewarded with one of the largest cash prizes and an international tour for every finalist. We are excited to slowly reveal our carefully selected judging panel of the most high regarded curators, collectors, artists and academics from around the world. We’re even more excited to see your entries in one or all of the classical arts disciplines; namely ‘painting and drawing’, ’cast or carved sculpture’ and ‘architecture and design’.

The Newbery Arts Prize, inspirational.

Top illustration by Neil Robson

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