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Each week, we will be talking in fascinating detail about The Newbery Arts Prize, its history, connections and founder, ‘Fra’ Henry Newbery. New episodes every Monday.

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Gramophone line drawing

Episode 3 – Isolated Inspiration

In this edition of The Newbery Arts Prize podcast, we explore the creative opportunities presented by this period of enforced isolation. The team at The Newbery Arts Prize believe that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely, and we sincerely hope that none of your are lonely during these dark times. We also hope that you have been able to spend time on creative projects, and this enforced isolation means that you can focus on creating beautiful and inspiring art, design, architecture and sculpture.

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Episode 2 – Newbery’s Bridport

Join us as we explore Bridport, a small market town on the south coast of England, which Francis Henry Newbery was proud to call home during the early part of his career. His influence in the town is still strong, and the paintings he donated to the town, depicting local trades, people and life, can still be seen on the walls of the Town Hall today.

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Episode 1 – About The Newbery Arts Prize

In this first episode, Jeremy Gower, a Director of The Prize, gives us a brief overview of the competition’s history and the roots of its founder, ‘Fra’ Henry Newbery, in Bridport.

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