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Do you have a friend who you think would like to enter The Newbery Arts Prize?

Let us know that you are recommending the competition to them and good old Henry Newbery will reward you with ten guineas. Or, in useful money, that’s £10.50 straight into your pocket.

£10.50 in your pocket simply for persuading your ultra-talented friend to enter the competition? Absolutely! That’s more than enough to buy them a lovely currant bun when you next see them.

Currant bun
This is so that we can let them know that you have recommended the Prize to them

And wait...

Then, when your friend pays their entry fee for the competition using the email address that you have given us, we'll take ten guineas out of Mr. Newbery's bank account and pop it into yours!

If your friend enters The Newbery Arts Prize, we will contact you to let you know and arrange your payment.

And that's it, nothing more. You see, it sometimes pays to have talented friends!

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